Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dad Was Home.... Yahoo!!

Yahoo !!! Dad took the day off work, and sat around a couple of hours this morning watching TV… He held us and petted us… We don’t always get a lot of time with Dad as he works a lot. My son, BG, especially, loves having his Dad home. He is his Dad’s dog, just like his grandma used to be, and loves it when he gets the chance to go to work with him (rare now), or spend any extra time with him.

Dott’s master played with the pups with his laser light for a while. He is very careful not to get it in their eyes so they don’t get injured, but BG, Sadie and Dott just love chasing that “little red bug” around the house, skidding around the kitchen floor and ripping at full speed down the hall. 

They chase flies or moths the same way, leaping and jumping around. It’s funny, too, when they catch one of the real bugs because they will get a weird look on their little faces and then spit it out real quick. I’m a bit more dignified now… Darn hips!!!

Later, when Mom was feeding the horses, that showoff, Sadie caught a mouse. She plays with them like a cat, pitching them up in the air and catching them. Mom always praises her when she gets one, because she catches them in the house, too. That is one of the problems of living in the country with fields all around… the mice come in the doggy door. It irritates me no end for her to get treats for catching the nasty little things.

After Mom finished feeding the horses, our people walked us around the pastures, and we got to run and play. The pups and that idiot “Auntie Sadie” as they call her, ran around like crazy dogs, checking every big rabbit hole, weasel hole, and squirrel hole. 

I even did some checking myself… can’t let them think I’ve got to many problems. I’m pretty stiff tonight, but Mom gave me my cheese (which she hides some medicine in… like I don’t know…) so it’s not to bad. She put me up on the mattress and covered me with a warm blanket over my hips too, so I’m feeling better now.

Well, got to go for now… Hope you had a great day like I did, with the ones I love all around me!


betty said...

how cute OC! Koda likes to chase the laser light too!! so glad you have a buddy who likes to catch mice! I'm sure your mom appreciates that very much


ocmist said...

Yes, she does appreciate it !!! You should have seen O.C. once when a mouse came out from under the trash can and tried to hide under HER... It was hysterical... Ever seen a Corgi dance. LOL !!!

I read your Christmas blog and really enjoyed it... Keep up the good work of sharing the Word.