Wednesday, December 24, 2008

They Left ME Home...

It’s just not fair!!! I got left home both yesterday AND today !!! Mom told me that she didn’t want me to have to sit in the car while they were doing their shopping, and they THINK they snuck Dott out without me noticing, but I’M NOT STUPID!!!

Mom apologized profusely when she got home and said that it was Dott’s Master that had decided to take her, and she game me some chewies, and lots of lovin’ but I was still a bit miffed. They better have done some of that shopping for ME!

At least Mom went out and played with me some, after she fed the horses this morning, and I got to chase my favorite toy bowling ball all over the yard. My kids keep wanting to play with MY ball, and I have to make sure that they don’t get it, and then I’m all “stove up” afterwards from “overdoing” as Mom calls it. Sure I’m 10 years old now, but I’m still a Corgi and I can do anything I set my heart on… It’s just that I don’t FEEL like getting up by the evening after playing a hard game of ball.

And then, they left me again today! I don’t know what a funeral is, but both Dad AND Mom said I couldn’t go. At least Mom is home a lot more now, since she got her back hurt, than she used to be. I know she misses the special kids she used to work with at that school, though. She talks to me about a lot of things, and they have a really special place in her heart. She still goes to the school sometimes, to read and play with them.

Well it’s really late, so I better get to bed. I just have to wait FOREVER to get a chance at the computer!


betty said...

poor you!! not fair OC that you couldn't go along!! I'm sorry your mom/dad had to go to a funeral though

Koda likes little excursions too; we try to limit his time in the car without us to about 30 or so minutes (like when we go to the gym in the morning and take him). He loves car rides! bet you do too!

Merry Christmas


ocmist said...

Yes, I do love to go for rides. My human Dad used to drive a big rig truck for many years and when my Mom was off work, my Mama, Mom, Dad and I would all go on "Road Trips" because he had a big sleeper on his truck. It was fun and we had a big bed with an air conditioner blowing right on us while we rode... Talk about a little bit of Heaven!

I've also gone with Mom almost every day when she's gone to work since I was a little baby. She would drop me and Mama off at her sister, Mimi's, and we would spend the day with Mimi's Chihuahua mix dogs. That's where we are going for Christmas tomorrow.

You and your mom have a Merry Christmas too!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi OC, this is Jake and Addie. We live in Indiana with our mom and dad. They talk in voices for us all the time. It's an ongoing thing.(like we can't speak for ourselves!) I'll be 9 in March, and Addie was 7 on Christmas Eve. We all sleep together in a king sized bed every night, we are a clan afterall. We travel and live in a 32 foot Winnebago, part time. We named it the Corgi Doghouse on Wheels. Our mom and dad "get it." If they go, we go...most of the time anyway. Sometimes they're dopey though, and have to go to work. We hate that. My mom worked in special education for years and years too. Your doggy Christmas sounded like a lot of fun.
We're glad we found your spot...we like to see other corgi blogs.
Have a barky new year!~