Monday, February 15, 2010

Letters from Gracie & Sprayed? By Dott

We heard from my daughter, Gracie a while back and got a picture of her the other day. The first email came around Christmas, and the second in January. What with the big trip, we’re just getting around to posting. Here is what she had to say:

From the Desk of Gracie, HSVC Mascot:

Guess what, Mama... I'm an official "Mascot" for my new Mom's Rescue place where she works here in Ojai: the Humane Society of Ventura County. Isn't that COOL!

Mom says that I am "Very Smart," because I have learned to sit at the door and wait when I need to go out or come in... usually... I still like to dig, though, and it's just so hard to remember that digging is a big "NO, NO!" I'm working on it though. (We know what you mean, Gracie. Mercy has the same problem!)

She really loves me a lot and even lets me sit on her lap sometimes when she types, so that's why I'm learning about how to send you emails! Aren't you proud of me, Mama Dott? My Mom says to tell you, Grammy and my GrandPaw thank you so much for the happiness and laughter that I've brought her and my new Dad... That's Good, Right? Love, Gracie

From the Desk of Gracie, HSVC Mascot:

Oh, Mama... I don't feel so good! My tummy hurts! I had to go to the vet's place and they made me go to sleep so I could be “sprayed?” I woke up a while ago, and didn't feel good at ALL, but now I'm feeling a little better with all the loving my Mom's giving me. She says that I'm "the love of her life." I ate a little bit and drank some water, and she says that I'm doing pretty good, and now I won't have any trouble getting heated up later.

I HAD both of my ears up when they took me, but I'm just to tired to hold both of them up right now, so came home with only one up. I'm sure I'll feel strong enough soon to start holding both of them up again. Mom is afraid that she is going to have trouble "keeping me quiet" and not letting me play for a WHOLE WEEK like the vet told her to do... THAT doesn't sound like a lot of fun!

Well, like I said, I'm not feeling too good, so I think I'll go and rest now. Tell everyone I love them, and I've got a really good home here, so don't worry about me, Mama. Your daughter, Grace.

This last makes me a bit nervous. There have been rumors going around the house that my Dad is taking Mercy and me on a little trip tomorrow. He has been VERY NERVOUS and upset and taking pills for his stomach even. He keeps petting me a lot. He says we can’t eat after dinner this evening and he is going to lock us in his room tonight. He also said that we have to get up at 6:30 a.m. to go on a little trip…

I overheard our people talking about Mercy and me going to get sprayed … I don’t like being sprayed around here if we bark too much, and I DON’T think I want to GO anywhere to get sprayed, either! ESPECIALLY if it’s making GrandPaw and Grammy so nervous!

My Dad even told Grammy that he doesn’t know what he is going to do without me in his bed tomorrow night! Why wouldn’t I be in his bed with him at night? He’s been petting on both Mercy and me a lot all day… WHAT’S GOING ON!!!

(Grammy: Please pray that all goes well... We are all MORE than a little nervous about our precious Dott having surgery. She's just come off of being in heat and we are hoping that she isn't anemic or something... We KNOW that serious problems rarely happen, but... Robert is literally sick that he has to take her and "desert" her with strangers. Mercy, too, of course. )


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Ohhh boy....and I thought menopause was bad! Good luck girls.
Prayers being said for you!

ClassyChassy said...

Sweet post today- and so glad your pup is doing so well in her new home!!! I love hearing good things like that!!!

betty said...

oh poor Mercy and Dott but praying that they both will be fine; always hard to leave our little ones in the care of another, but we know the good Lord is watching over them

too cute about Gracie; glad she is adjusting well and is much loved by her family; I bet she is glad that "spraying" business is over with for sure


Angela said...

I'm so glad to hear that Gracie is loving her new home!


Martha said...

How lovely to hear from Gracie, what a lovely home she has.
Now this trip to the vet - our human wants to tell yours that she cried all the way back from the vets when she had to take Martha!
I had already been sprayed at the rescue centre but Martha was in season and they couldn't do it.
Poor mum had to promise to get it down as soon as possible - she was so scared anyways.
Having said all that she was fine and we are sure all will be well your end too.
But we really do understand the stress of it all - how scary to leave your dearly loved pet and not really be able to explain why!
We will be thinking of you all and watching for your update.
Sorry we are falling dreadfully behind - blame mum's work!
We have told her she has to stick to blogging and bassets.
Bailey xxxx oh yes and Martha xxxx

Unknown said...

What a great life for Gracie. I'm really proud of her becoming the mascot. Please, don't worry about the spraying. We've all been sprayed at my home and we realize it's a good thing. Think of all the full animal shelters, the dogs being put to sleep every day, and above all think about the fact that it's good for your heath. Be brave and grateful and you'll be sleeping next to your dad before you know it. Good luck my furiends :) xoxoxo

Kari in Alaska said...

Being a mascot is an awesome job! Congrats

Achieve1dream said...

It'll be okay! Spays are so routine it won't be a problem. When I worked at the vet the only time we had a problem is when the dogs were actually in heat. And even then it was just a lot of bleeding which makes things really messy. We never once had a problem my whole time there. Just try to breathe. Hugs!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Paws khrossed all goes/has gone well!

Thank woo fur the Gracie update too!