Thursday, February 11, 2010

A New Trick… by Mercy

I guess that you all saw the new trick that Gimli and BG learned while they were on their Big Road Trip. It was pretty cool, and when they got home and GrandPaw Robert found out about it, he decided that would be a good thing to add to our Obstacle Course.

First, he used the ladder that they used on the trip because it had
broader stair steps. Then he used our regular ladder at a slight slant against the table. He worked with Mama Dott mostly on that one, and just a little with us.

Finally, he decided to fixed up our regular ladder with carpet (to make it easier to grip and not so slippery.)

He attached it to the side of our Obstacle Course so that now we have THREE ways to get to the top: the ramps on each end and the ladder on the side.

Then he started trying to teach ME how to climb it. I was NOT to sure about that! (We will be posting our Ladder Training videos tomorrow after we have a chance to upload them on a faster computer in town while Grammy is at the doctor’s, but I begged Grammy to let me post MY story tonight!

I finally did it, but I wasn’t real thrilled about it! . Mama Dott & Unca BG had to show me that it really wasn’t that bad.

After that, Gimli came out and showed that he could do it, too, but that wasn’t really air because he’d had a lot of practice on their Road
Trip. Even he wasn’t real sure about coming back down, though!

Pippin swear’s that he didn’t practice on their trip, but he sure does go up that ladder pretty fast. Looks like he’s flying! Grammy says it’s probably because he is smaller
and so the steps are bigger for him in comparison to the rest of us. She says that’s also why Mama Dott makes it look so easy!

Sadie didn’t think it was very fair that we got to do tricks and get jerky and she didn’t
, so she talked Grammy into putting OC into the house and letting her try the ladder too! It only took her 2 tries to get it down pat!

After that, we had a photo shoot on the ladder. What do you think?
How do we look?


ClassyChassy said...

I like the viedo - entertaining! The mountains in the background are so pretty - I bet you love to look at them every day - lucky you! The ladder pose is great - was it hard to get them to all sit still for the photo?

Achieve1dream said...

Those pictures of the photo shoot are the ladder are soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

Ya'll did such a great job! I love the ladder photos! You all look so handsome and pretty!


Angela said...

You guys sure are brave little corgi's climbing up and down a ladder like that! You are much braver than I am as I won't climb a ladder at all!

Love your picture of all of you sitting on the ladder!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Oh my gosh...your family is just so clever when it comes to making things up for the corgi gang!
Such a handsome group of corgis, I must say!
Linda, hope that you're right as rain today!

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

WOW...what a pack of talented Corgis you are!!!


Kari in Alaska said...

That is a great trick! and I love the family photo

Unknown said...

OMDog! Great post. These photos are awesome. You all did it! What great parents you have. How patient in the video. I wish I could join you on that ladder.

Martha said...

Oh we were quite scared looking at that. The video with the big gaps in the ladder frightened us - how very brave you all are!
What patient humans you have too. We felt safer with the carpet on the ladder.
We don't think we like heights!
Still you guys did have good practice when you went in the big truck on your adventure.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Chatty Crone said...

They were so cute. The photos are awesome. Are you feeling better? sandie

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

How khute!

Thank woo fur sharing that one!


betty said...

loved the video with Dott going up the ladder; I don't blame her for being a bit hesitant with going down it; looks a little daunting up so high I would imagine

loved the pups on the ladder; such a cute picture :)

hope you are feeling better Linda