Friday, February 19, 2010

Sunday of our Valentine’s Weekend… By Gimli

Little Bear had spent the night, so we were able to play with him Sunday morning when we all got up. Papa made breakfast while Grammy got dressed, fed us, made sure Grandma OC had taken her meds, Auntie Sadie was fed and outside in the front yard, and Kody was ready to go (His toys, clothes, etc. packed).

Grandma OC had to stay home since she is still heated up, and she was NOT happy! She couldn’t stay anywhere near Auntie Sadie without a person around to mediate any problems, so they had to be separated. The rest of us got to go… Pip and I because we haven’t been tutored yet, Uncle BG because he’s Grammy’s helper, and Dott & Mercy because GrandPaw wanted to spend as much time with them as possible before their little trip.

We took off for town so our people could go to church and we could play with Mimi’s dogs (Mama Dott and Uncle BG’s half sisters.) Our Auntie’s names are Kisses and Dolly. We visit them a lot! Kisses, is VERY little, weighing only 4 lbs. and Dolly is a little bigger and very fuzzy.

After church, Naunie, Grammy’s other sister who lives next door to Mimi, came over and they left the gate between the two yards open so that all of HER dogs could come over and visit too. She has 4 dogs… Pepper Ann, Mia, Daisy and Molly of her own and had one of the rescue dogs (Mia’s brother that looks like her) that they are taking to Gracie’s Shelter this week. That made twelve of us all together! We outnumbered the PEOPLE!

Grammy’s grandnieces came over to play with Little Bear, (They are all really close friends and love to see him when he comes down) so there was 10 people. We all had a nice lunch and the kids played with us and each other for a few hours and then it was time for us to take the long drive to take Little Bear home.

Papa had a church business meeting to attend, so GrandPaw and Grammy took Dott and Mercy and dropped them at home on the way so OC wouldn’t be so lonely, and took Little Bear and me on the 2 hour trip up to his home. Papa brought Pip and BG home after his meeting.

I got to meet Little Bear’s dogs at HIS house, so I made 3 more furiends! They have 2 black labs, Ricky and Lucy, and a little deer Chihuahua mix named Cassie. I had a lot of fun with my new friends up there as you can see in this video…

Grammy really enjoyed watching her son, Mick, playing with Little Bear, too, but I wasn’t sure for a little bit, if they weren’t playing a little bit to rough…

After Grammy visited Mick and Jenn, for about an hour, we left for the long trip home. It had been a very busy weekend for me, so I was really tired, but I sure had a lot of fun!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


I was ready fur a nap by the furst paragraph or so!

Thanks fur sharing!

PeeEssWoo: We hope all the rekhoveries are going well!

Dexter said...

What good doggies you all are to play zoomies and still stay in your yard. That takes a lot of self control.

I agree to stay away from those wrestling humans. Goodness, that little one is tough and has some good moves to put on his dad.


The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

What a fun day!! Zoomies, and little boys...and big boys and new friends...WOW I bet you all slept very well that night!!


Life With Dogs said...

Zoomies always make me smile! You pooches know how to play! :)

Unknown said...

Those humans sure play rough. Was there bitey face involved? Thanks for introducing us to all these new furiends. A pack of 12 is a substantial force. Rest now, I believe you when you say you're tired. I got exhausted by the virtual tour, in a good way, of course! :)

Angela said...

You pups sure do get to have so much fun! And you get to play with so many other pups too! You are living the good life! Hope you get to play with each other again real soon!


betty said...

looks like a fun adventure! I think its neat you have lots of fur friends to play with :)

hoping Little Bear will be able to come for a visit very soon again


Achieve1dream said...

Wow you had an exciting Valentine's Day! Mine was boring. :) I loved watching the videos! Little bear and Grammy's son play rough!!! Kind of like when Storm and I play. :)