Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Tidbits…

Dott: We had lot of fun at the Pup Scout meeting Thursday at Candy and Captain’s blog, I Need a Sugar Fix. Brutus led the singing, Miss Bailey tried to teach us kitty etiquette, and, we got a pawsome Squirrel Badge for being dedicated to the “Eradication of Squirrels” which Grammy says means we want to WIPE THEM OUT!! Thanks to Candy, Captain, and their Mama Martine, for hosting!

We are definitely at war with the squirrels as you may recall. You can go HERE to read about our 100 Years Squirrel Wars (dog years) if you didn’t catch it the first time around. This was during Tank’s OWAS (Operation Whack A Squirrel) last June.

Just look at what they recently did to the trashcan that Grammy was keeping the horse’s grain in! Isn’t that DISGUSTING!

THIS happened during the Big Road Trip they took this past January, when I was distracted by being heated up and was very shorthanded around here. Now, Grammy puts it in a BIG metal barrel with a heavy metal lid that even SHE has a little trouble lifting.

This was out the side door window where we can see out, but not GET out to chase them off, and neither Grammy nor GrandPaw Robert tend to listen to us a lot of times when we TELL them that there are squirrels out there. They usually think we are just yelling at the dogs next door!

Gimli: Grammy is starting to put some stinky cream on my ear, and neck hair around my ear, to see if we can stop the Ear Assassin from breaking down my ear.

Pippin: I LOVE Sundays because my Papa is home and I can snuggle with him and give him corgi kisses!

BG: Today was a beautiful day and from up on the top of our Obstacle Course, I could see forever...

Mercy: I HATE it that GrandPaw Robert is going to have to leave us again in the morning, but he says that Papa does it all the time and he needs to be able to get money too, now that Grammy's Worker's Comp. money has quit coming. She is well enough that he doesn't have to stay home and help her anymore, and is getting her retired mints.

OC: The storm has finally stopped around here. We got a lot of rain so Grammy is really happy about that! The wild flowers will soon be blooming all over this area and the wildflower tours will start. We already have a bunch of fiddleneck blooming out by the front gate!


Maxmom said...

Hey there!
I love the squirrel badge! You doggies sound like you are doing an awesome job with watchdogging squirrels, but it also looks like you need some backup. Wish I was there!

Dexter said...

Whole lot of action there. Working humans, pesky squirrels, cranky ear. Sounds like grammy has her hands full.


ClassyChassy said...

cool Pup Scout Badge! If anyone deserves such a neat badge, it is youse guys!!!

Nancy at the Farm said...

We love your blog and entries! And the picture of Pippin is a classic - I do the same thing every night in my Dad's arms. Must be a corgi thing!

Have a great day!

Love, Dozer

betty said...

it was a nice amount of rain we got and I hear more is on the way; the wildflowers should be gorgeous this year! I read an article in the paper about them in the desert, might need to take a day trip over to see them in a week or two

those squirrels! will they ever leave you corgis alone?? always have to on your guard, don't you?

the other day there were two squirrels going back and forth on the other side of our fence. Koda saw them once but they were so quick, I don't think it registered to him what they were. He just kind of looked at me like "what was that?"

enjoy the day


Unknown said...

This was so cute, having photos and little blurbs from some of the pack. BTW I love your new header. Sometimes, I admit I get confused. Not any longer :) Agreed on the scout meeting. I now have to post about it myself.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

So many tasty tidbits in this post!

Thanks fur sharing!


D.K. Wall said...

We don't have normal squirrels because of our altitude. But we do have these flying squirrels. We think they are part of the squirrel air force. And they do not play fair. Just saying.

Lorenza said...

Sure you are having very interesting days!
Kisses and hugs